Investment Banking

Compass Bank & Trust Corp offers its clients an Investment Banking service, created to satisfy the demand for information on financial services and to help our clients choose the best alternative that the markets offer according to the needs and profile of each investor.
We have expert investment professionals to provide you with the best and most appropriate information, with the utmost confidentiality.
Through our Investment Banking, you can access financial products, such as:

Corporate and Institutional Banking

Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) is a core business segment at Compas Bank. Compass Bank has striven to support, grow and cater to the needs of its customers throughout the world-wide. Our well entrenched network throughout the region has uniquely positioned us at the top as a leading market player. That, alongside the expertise drawn up by our highly qualified team of specialists, has consistently allowed us to provide our clients with a wide variety of financing options, ranging from the traditional commercial lending to the sophisticated structured facilities.

Business banking

A solid, strategic business partner for your company

You know better than anyone that managing your own business takes vision, creativity and lots of hard work. It also takes a close, collaborative banking relationship that supports your company as it grows and evolves. The first step in building that special kind of partnership is finding the right bank – one with the stability and strong commitment to meet your current needs and future goals.
We're here to support your efforts in every economic climate. And to help you realize your company's full potential. To that end, we offer creative financial solutions and a comprehensive range of services including everything from cash management to business investments to small business and commercial financing, which means you can always count on us for a solid, strategic business partnership.

Personal banking

The smart choice to meet your financial goal

Compassbank's wide range of services can make your banking experience easier and more convenient than ever. See why Compassbank is the smart choice for helping you meet your financial goals. Now is the time to get your bank to start working for you.
At CompassBank, our seasoned personal bankers will listen to you and take the time to understand your objectives. In doing so, we can help direct you to the financial products and services that best meet your needs and produce significant results for you and your family.